At Sigma DeltaX, our Traceability Service empowers automotive developers with a comprehensive and transparent view of their software development process and project progress. We understand the criticality of traceability for Software quality and standards compliance (ASIL, ISO26262) We ensure that every software requirement, design decision, and code change is meticulously documented and connected. Through our advanced tooling and methodologies, we establish a traceable link from initial requirements to the final product, providing valuable insights into the development lifecycle. This end-to-end traceability not only enhances compliance with industry standards but also enables efficient issue tracking and change management. With Sigma DeltaX's Traceability Service, gain a clear and auditable trail of your software development, bolstering confidence in the quality and reliability of your automotive software.


  • Implementation of traceability markers
  • Integration into build environment (maestro Requirement Utilities)
  • Handover

Use Cases

  • ASPICE compliance
  • Progress tracking