CDD implementation


Our CDD Implementation and Configuration Service is the driving force behind the integration of complex device drivers into your automotive software ecosystem. We specialize in the development and configuration of CDDs, ensuring that these critical components seamlessly interact with the underlying software and hardware, while meeting the specific requirements of your automotive projects. Our expert team brings extensive knowledge in CDD architecture, real-time system integration, and the optimization of device communication. We meticulously design and configure CDDs, ensuring they harmonize with your overall software architecture and deliver reliable and efficient control of complex hardware devices. Whether it's custom CDD development or the fine-tuning of existing drivers, our service is tailored to your unique needs. With our CDD Implementation and Configuration Service, your automotive software can effectively manage and control complex hardware, providing the foundation for innovation and superior performance in the automotive industry.


  • Support in requirement drafting
  • Architecture of CDD
  • Implementation of CDD
  • Configuration of CDD with PduR
  • Runnable mappings
  • arxml authoring
  • Handover

Use Cases

  • Requirement fulfilment