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Project Kickstart

Implementation of project infra-structure including build system, folder structure and debug environment.

AUTOSAR board Bring-Up ("Deployment")

Accelerate your ECU development project. Development of build environment, startup code, Low level driver (including MCU, Dio, Port, CAN peripheral), Init sequence (EcuM, BswM), Os, Communication Stack and Diagnostic Stack.


Get fast and comprehensive view on the progress of your project.


Integration of build/debug/traceability environments in DevOps Tool.

RTE and SWC integration

Integration of SWC with RTE.


Initialization and configuration of slave Core. Initialization of slave Cores in AUTOSAR BSW.

Memory Partitioning

Configuration of AUTOSAR Partition aka OsApplications. Configuration, Implementation and synchronization of OsApplications.


Configuration and Integration of Csm, HSM, SecOC, FvM, Secure Diagnostic.

CDD implementation

Implementation and Configuration of CDD.