RTE and SWC integration


Our RTE (Run-Time Environment) and SWC (Software Component) Integration Service is the cornerstone of efficient and seamless automotive software development. We specialize in bridging the gap between software components and the RTE, ensuring that your automotive systems operate cohesively and harmoniously. Our dedicated team of experts brings a wealth of experience in configuring, integrating, and optimizing RTE and SWC components, enabling real-time communication and data exchange. With meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee that your software architecture functions seamlessly, providing the foundation for advanced automotive applications. Whether it's ensuring real-time performance, resource optimization, or compliance with AUTOSAR standards, our service is tailored to meet your project's unique needs. With our RTE and SWC Integration Service, your automotive software projects can achieve the highest levels of reliability, real-time responsiveness, and performance.


  • Importing SWC
  • Runnable Mappings
  • Client/Server Connection
  • Sender/Receiver Connection
  • Handover

Use Cases

  • Requirement fulfilment
  • Meeting CPU load requirement