AUTOSAR board Bring-Up ("Deployment")


Our ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Bring Up Service ensures a seamless integration of your AUTOSAR software onto the target hardware platform. From configuring the hardware and initializing the system to integrating ASW (Applicative Software). Leveraging a holistic approach, we troubleshoot and optimize the system for optimal performance, ensuring that your ECU is meets the stringent demands of modern automotive applications. With Sigma DeltaX as your partner, experience a swift and successful ECU bring-up that sets the foundation for a robust and reliable automotive solution.


  • Creation of project
  • Import of ComExtract (SecOC Stub)
  • Import of diagnostic extract
  • Configuration of OS
  • Configuration of MCAL (Mcu, Port, Dio) according to Hardware Schematic
  • Configuration of Initialization of System Stack
  • Configuration of Protocol Transceiver
  • MemMap Configuration/ Development
  • Integration with build environment
  • Handover

Use Cases

  • First development activity after project acquisition
  • Expertise acquisition
  • Update to outdated and inefficient process