Project Kickstart


Sigma DeltaX's Project Kickstart Service is designed to expedite and streamline the initiation of your automotive software projects. As an experienced specialist in AUTOSAR integration, we recognize the significance of a solid foundation for project success. Our dedicated team will work closely with your developers to set up a well-organized project folder structure, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we establish a robust debug environment and build system, empowering your team to start development with efficiency and confidence. By leveraging our expertise, your project will hit the ground running, reducing lead times, and optimizing development efforts. With Sigma DeltaX's Project Kickstart Service, accelerate the initiation of your automotive software projects and embark on a path to seamless integration and exceptional outcomes.


  • Definition of process objectives
  • Creation of **folder structure**.
  • Implementation of **build environment**.
  • Implementation of **debug environment**.
  • Implementation of automation for **process/project standards**
  • Handover

Use Cases

  • Before or right after project acquisition
  • Know-how acquisition
  • Update to outdated and inefficient process