Memory Partitioning


At Sigma DeltaX, our specialized AUTOSAR Memory Partitioning Service is designed to ensure ISO 26262 compliance in your automotive software projects. Memory management plays a critical role in safety-critical systems, and our experienced engineers excel in creating secure and efficient memory layouts for AUTOSAR-compliant software. By meticulously analyzing your software requirements and considering the specific safety levels defined by ISO 26262, we establish robust memory partitioning strategies. Each software component is allocated to its designated memory region, preventing interference and minimizing the impact of faults. Through our rigorous approach to memory partitioning, we help enhance the safety and reliability of your automotive systems, enabling smooth certification processes and reinforcing confidence in your software's performance. With Sigma DeltaX's AUTOSAR Memory Partitioning Service, achieve ISO 26262 compliance and elevate the safety standards of your automotive projects.


  • Support and advice regarding Init architecture
  • Configuration/Implementation of MemMap
  • Configuration/Adaptation of MCAL to run in user mode
  • Configuration/Adaptation of EcuM_Init and BswM_Init
  • Synchronization of Partitions during initialization
  • Activation of OS SC3 (Scalability Class 3, Memory protection)
  • Remapping of Runnables
  • Configuration/Adaptation of RTE connections
  • Handover

Use Cases

  • Requirement fulfilment
  • Safety separation
  • Security separation
  • Multi-Core