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Project Kickstart

Sigma DeltaX's Project Kickstart Service is designed to expedite and streamline the initiation of your automotive software projects. As an experienced specialist in AUTOSAR integration, we recognize the significance of a solid foundation for project success. Our dedicated team will work closely with your developers to set up a well-organized project folder structure, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we establish a robust debug environment and build system, empowering your team to start development with efficiency and confidence. By leveraging our expertise, your project will hit the ground running, reducing lead times, and optimizing development efforts. With Sigma DeltaX's Project Kickstart Service, accelerate the initiation of your automotive software projects and embark on a path to seamless integration and exceptional outcomes.

AUTOSAR board Bring-Up ("Deployment")

Our ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Bring Up Service ensures a seamless integration of your AUTOSAR software onto the target hardware platform. From configuring the hardware and initializing the system to integrating ASW (Applicative Software). Leveraging a holistic approach, we troubleshoot and optimize the system for optimal performance, ensuring that your ECU is meets the stringent demands of modern automotive applications. With Sigma DeltaX as your partner, experience a swift and successful ECU bring-up that sets the foundation for a robust and reliable automotive solution.


At Sigma DeltaX, our Traceability Service empowers automotive developers with a comprehensive and transparent view of their software development process and project progress. We understand the criticality of traceability for Software quality and standards compliance (ASIL, ISO26262) We ensure that every software requirement, design decision, and code change is meticulously documented and connected. Through our advanced tooling and methodologies, we establish a traceable link from initial requirements to the final product, providing valuable insights into the development lifecycle. This end-to-end traceability not only enhances compliance with industry standards but also enables efficient issue tracking and change management. With Sigma DeltaX's Traceability Service, gain a clear and auditable trail of your software development, bolstering confidence in the quality and reliability of your automotive software.


At Sigma DeltaX, our DevOps Support Service is geared towards enhancing the agility and collaboration within your automotive software development process. We understand that effective DevOps practices are essential to modern development workflows. We collaborate seamlessly with your development team, for analysis of process goals and project particularities to implement DevOps methodologies tailored to your unique project needs. From automating build and deployment pipelines to facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), our DevOps Support Service ensures faster, more reliable software releases. By embracing industry best practices and leveraging cutting-edge tooling, we enable your team to achieve higher productivity and deliver higher quality software products. With Sigma DeltaX as your DevOps partner, propel your automotive software development to new heights of efficiency and success.

RTE and SWC integration

Our RTE (Run-Time Environment) and SWC (Software Component) Integration Service is the cornerstone of efficient and seamless automotive software development. We specialize in bridging the gap between software components and the RTE, ensuring that your automotive systems operate cohesively and harmoniously. Our dedicated team of experts brings a wealth of experience in configuring, integrating, and optimizing RTE and SWC components, enabling real-time communication and data exchange. With meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee that your software architecture functions seamlessly, providing the foundation for advanced automotive applications. Whether it's ensuring real-time performance, resource optimization, or compliance with AUTOSAR standards, our service is tailored to meet your project's unique needs. With our RTE and SWC Integration Service, your automotive software projects can achieve the highest levels of reliability, real-time responsiveness, and performance.


Our Multicore Integration Service is designed to empower your automotive software projects by harnessing the full potential of multicore processing. We understand the pivotal role of multicore systems in modern vehicles, and our dedicated team of experts specializes in seamlessly integrating and optimizing software for multicore architectures. By leveraging parallel processing capabilities, we enhance the performance, real-time responsiveness, and overall efficiency of your automotive software. Whether your project requires the synchronization of multiple cores, load balancing, or effective resource management, we have the expertise to ensure that your software fully exploits the power of multicore processing. With our Multicore Integration Service, your automotive systems can meet the most demanding requirements, delivering enhanced performance and driving a new era of innovation in the automotive industry.

Memory Partitioning

At Sigma DeltaX, our specialized AUTOSAR Memory Partitioning Service is designed to ensure ISO 26262 compliance in your automotive software projects. Memory management plays a critical role in safety-critical systems, and our experienced engineers excel in creating secure and efficient memory layouts for AUTOSAR-compliant software. By meticulously analyzing your software requirements and considering the specific safety levels defined by ISO 26262, we establish robust memory partitioning strategies. Each software component is allocated to its designated memory region, preventing interference and minimizing the impact of faults. Through our rigorous approach to memory partitioning, we help enhance the safety and reliability of your automotive systems, enabling smooth certification processes and reinforcing confidence in your software's performance. With Sigma DeltaX's AUTOSAR Memory Partitioning Service, achieve ISO 26262 compliance and elevate the safety standards of your automotive projects.


At Sigma DeltaX, we excel in seamlessly integrating cybersecurity measures into your automotive software, ensuring full compliance with ISO 21434 standards. Our specialized Automotive Cybersecurity Integration Service focuses on effectively integrating key security components, including Csm, CryIf, Crypto, SecOC, and FvM, into your software architecture. With a comprehensive understanding of these security elements, we meticulously configure the security stack to safeguard against potential cyber threats. Our team works closely with OEM specifications to tailor secure diagnostics solutions that align with your specific requirements. By harmonizing secure communication protocols and ensuring smooth integration of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), we provide a robust cybersecurity foundation for your automotive projects. With Sigma DeltaX's Automotive Cybersecurity Integration Service, your software will meet the highest cybersecurity standards, fortifying your systems against vulnerabilities and ensuring a safe and secure driving experience for your customers.

CDD implementation

Our CDD Implementation and Configuration Service is the driving force behind the integration of complex device drivers into your automotive software ecosystem. We specialize in the development and configuration of CDDs, ensuring that these critical components seamlessly interact with the underlying software and hardware, while meeting the specific requirements of your automotive projects. Our expert team brings extensive knowledge in CDD architecture, real-time system integration, and the optimization of device communication. We meticulously design and configure CDDs, ensuring they harmonize with your overall software architecture and deliver reliable and efficient control of complex hardware devices. Whether it's custom CDD development or the fine-tuning of existing drivers, our service is tailored to your unique needs. With our CDD Implementation and Configuration Service, your automotive software can effectively manage and control complex hardware, providing the foundation for innovation and superior performance in the automotive industry.

Maestro Requirement Utilities

Tool Suite for Requirements and Traceability compliance.
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