Our Multicore Integration Service is designed to empower your automotive software projects by harnessing the full potential of multicore processing. We understand the pivotal role of multicore systems in modern vehicles, and our dedicated team of experts specializes in seamlessly integrating and optimizing software for multicore architectures. By leveraging parallel processing capabilities, we enhance the performance, real-time responsiveness, and overall efficiency of your automotive software. Whether your project requires the synchronization of multiple cores, load balancing, or effective resource management, we have the expertise to ensure that your software fully exploits the power of multicore processing. With our Multicore Integration Service, your automotive systems can meet the most demanding requirements, delivering enhanced performance and driving a new era of innovation in the automotive industry.


  • Support and advice for Software Architecture
  • Support and advice for Init Architecture
  • Configuration/Implementation of MemMap
  • Configuration/Adaptation of MCAL to run in user mode
  • Configuration/Adaptation of EcuM_Init and BswM_Init
  • Synchronization of core during Initialization
  • Synchronization of Partitions during initialization
  • Remapping of Runnables
  • Configuration/Adaptation of RTE connections
  • Handover

Use Cases

  • Requirement fulfilment