At Sigma DeltaX, our DevOps Support Service is geared towards enhancing the agility and collaboration within your automotive software development process. We understand that effective DevOps practices are essential to modern development workflows. We collaborate seamlessly with your development team, for analysis of process goals and project particularities to implement DevOps methodologies tailored to your unique project needs. From automating build and deployment pipelines to facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), our DevOps Support Service ensures faster, more reliable software releases. By embracing industry best practices and leveraging cutting-edge tooling, we enable your team to achieve higher productivity and deliver higher quality software products. With Sigma DeltaX as your DevOps partner, propel your automotive software development to new heights of efficiency and success.


  • Setup of CI/CD
  • Integration of build environment into CI/CD tool
  • Pipelines definition
  • Handover

Use Cases

  • Expertise acquisition
  • DevOps adoption